Is my VPM functioning correctly?

Over time, the rubber sealing on the VPM can degrade and cause pressure leaks within the system. Perform these checks to confirm that the component parts are working correctly when assembled into a system: 


Vent, Valve and Seal 


vpm checks and parts table


Nozzle O-Ring Seal

Check that the O-ring is still flexible and that the sealing surface has no damage (e.g. pits, flat spots or cuts).  The nozzle O-ring should normally be dry and NOT have any grease applied.


If the nozzle needs replacement, contact your local Izon representative for a nozzle replacement kit. To replace the rubber O-Ring, using a 3x1 mm silicon O-ring: 

  • Remove the old O-ring by sliding a tool down the side and levering it up. Take care to avoid scratching the plastic component with the tool. 
  • Fit the replacement O-ring into place.