How many times can I use a qEV column?

qEVoriginal, qEV1,  qEV2, and qEV10 columns can be reused; however, they must be regenerated and/or cleaned depending on use. Izon recommends not using these columns more than 5 times as their performance may degrade after this point.

qEVsingle columns are designed for single use only. However if further use is anticipated after collection of the vesicle fractions they must be regenerated and/or cleaned depending on use. Single use is advisable where the vesicle fractions are to be analysed using PCR or RT-PCR. This is to avoid any risk of contamination for an incorrectly cleaned column.

The Automatic Fraction Collector will allow each column to be used up to 10 times so that the user can perform a run with the column and clean it at a later time if they need to prioritise sample throughput. Izon does not recommend using the qEV columns more than 5 times.

Column Health 

The columns are preforming well if the flow rate is conserved between runs.

Izon recommends doing an initial flow rate test prior to loading any sample on the column

  1. Wash the columns with 0.5 M NaOH
  2. Re-equilibrate the columns with PBS to wash out proteins and other biologicals.
  3. Monitor column function by plotting the protein elution curves of the column by recording absorbance at 280 nm for each fraction.