How do I clean and store the qEV column after I've collected my vesicles?

The table below shows the cleaning and regeneration steps required for each of the qEV columns. 

cleaning and regen of qev table

  • Single use is advisable where the vesicle fractions are to be analysed using PCR or RT-PCR. 

  • Degassed buffers will help avoid air bubbles forming in the gel bed. A small number of air bubbles will have minimal effect on the column performance.

  • It is recommended to use a buffer with an ionic strength of 0.15 M or greater to avoid any unwanted ionic interactions between the solute molecule and the matrix.

  • To avoid clogging of column filters, it is recommended to filter or low-speed centrifuge the biological sample to remove large particulate matter.

  • If the flow rate doesn't improve after NaOH cleaning procedure, wash with surfactant (e.g. Triton X-100). If the flow rate still doesn't improve, the column is probably irreversibly blocked and should be discarded.