How do I view or edit a concentration fraction?

The Concentration Fraction is the Analysis Range of the nanopore as entered in the Measurement Plan. 
To add a Concentration Fraction:
  1. Select all relevant sample files (tick the associated check-boxes).
  2. Right-click on any of the selected SAMPLE IDs.
  3. Select Concentration Fraction.
  4. Input a lower and upper size limit in nm.
  5. Ensure that the "Apply to all viewed datasets" is selected. 
  6. Click on the tick to apply the Concentration Fraction.
  7. When a fraction has been successfully set, a triangle can be seen to the left of each data set - clicking on it details the fraction that has been set.  
  8. Any changes to sample details will need to be recalibrated to reflect changes made. 
    1. To view the Concentration Fraction, click on the arrow beside the Sample ID.
    2. To edit the Concentration Fraction, right-click on the Concentration Fraction.