How do I change the sample or calibration details?

Details that are entered in Measurement Plan (Assistants) and in the SAVE DATA window (Classic Capture) will appear in the SAMPLE DETAILS window in the Analyse Data tab. The SAMPLE DETAILS window is located below the DATA FILES window. Click on the SAMPLE DETAILS tab to view entered information.

Sample and calibration details can be edited post-processing.

To update or add additional details:

  1. Highlight the SAMPLE ID of the appropriate sample in the DATA FILES window.
  2. In the SAMPLE DETAILS window, select the field you wish to change and type in a new value or entry.
  3. The SAMPLE ID will turn red to indicate changes have been made that are yet to be saved.


If a file has been calibrated and changes are made to the size and/or concentration of the calibration particles, then the sample files needs to be recalibrated to reflect the changes made. Refer to this article for instructions on how to calibrate sample files.