Why do I need to re-equilibrate the nanopore with electrolyte after the coating procedure?

The coating solution is viscous compared to the electrolyte. Follow the steps below to complete the equilibration procedure: 

  1. Remove the upper fluid cell. During fluid changeovers, to maintain pore hydration it is best to add a drop of measurement electrolyte to the top of nanopore surface. Do not wipe dry the top of nanopore surface at this stage.
  2. Wash out the upper fluid cell with DI water and dry with compressed gas.
  3. Rinse out the lower fluid cell with DI water 2-3 times and dry. Once completed, load the lower fluid cell with electrolyte.
  4. Wipe the top of the nanopore surface, immediately replace the upper cell and load electrolyte into the upper fluid cell.
  5. Connect the pressure nozzle and apply a maximum pressure for 10-15 min to flush out the high viscosity concentrated ICS from the pore.