Why are my qEV columns cracking after use?

We have received feedback that some qEV column users are unfortunately experiencing cracks in their column resin bed after one or two uses.

It is critical to equilibrate your sample or buffer to room temperature before running it through a room temperature column. Both the column and the sample (or buffer) must be at the same temperature prior to use.

qEV columns contains a bed of porous resin beads that are sensitive to temperature changes. Upon an in-house investigation, it has become apparent that using cold (4 °C) buffer or sample on a room temperature column leads to temperature shocks to the resin bed, leading to cracks. Specifically, this is due to temperature changes causing gases to come out of solution, forming bubbles and subsequent cracks.

Typically, qEV columns are stored at room temperature. If your storage solution requires temperatures of +4 or +8 °C, bring the column up to room temperature before use.

Note that we are currently validating a method for regenerating columns with cracks in the resin, and will share it here as soon as it is available (early 2024).