What is the size analysis range of the instrument?

The complete analysis size range of the Exoid is 40 nm to 11 μm. Each nanopore has an analysis size range that indicates the particle sizes that can be measured across the stretch range of the nanopore. Depending on the size range of a sample, more than one nanopore size may be required to measure the entire sample size range.


Below example shows a microbubble sample, recorded with different sized membranes and stretch settings, in order to cover the whole size and concentration range of the bubbles.


  • When measuring down to 40 nm, better, more stable results may be obtained when a higher electrolyte molarity (>100 mM) is used.
  • For large nanopores, better results may be obtained by using a less conductive electrolyte OR switching to the Low Gain stage on the qNano (via Settings). This will allow a larger voltage to be applied and will prevent the electronics from railing.
  • When working at larger stretches it may be better to select the next size up calibration particles.