What is the latest version of AFC(V1) software?

Improve your AFC(V1) user experience with the latest AFC(V1) update

This software updater is only for the V1 version of the AFC, the version type is shown in the serial number on the unit e.g. AFC-V1-1234

A new version of the AFC updater was released on 10 May 2022, please download and run the new updater software in order to update your AFC as previous versions may fail to update the AFC.

The latest AFC(V1) update (2.5.0):

  • Incorporating the new Gen 2 qEV10 column.
  • Adding 'Platter Flip' functionality for qEVoriginal and qEV1 - This means when using the qEVoriginal and qEV1 columns, the user can change their PCV to more than 2 mL and collect it in a single tube using the 5 mL side of the carousel.
  • The pre-collection flushing step has been removed.
  • Pump toggle added to the Settings menu to check the pump's functionality.
  • Cleaning functionality has been added to the Settings menu so users can clean the columns without going through a collection process if they need to. 
  • The buffer volume and fraction volume increments set to 0.1 mL for the qEVoriginals and qEV1 columns.

AFC(V1) software update instructions

  1. Download the Updater installer and install it.
  2. Plug AFC into the power supply and turn it on.
    1. Do not remove power from the AFC during the update.
    2. If the AFC was not powered on during the update process, the AFC will notify the user that the update must be repeated with the power on.
  3. Plug the AFC into the USB port of computer (with the updater already installed).
  4. Open the AFC Updater program. The program should appear like the image below:

    If the AFC Updater shows multiple COM ports (communication port) and none of these are labelled AFC, follow these steps to determine the COM port of your AFC:
    1. Open the program without an AFC attached via USB to the PC, and take note of the available COM ports in the dropdown menu.
    2. Restart the program with the AFC connected and powered on, and take note of any new COM ports that have appeared. The new COM port will be your AFC.
    3. Select it, and continue with the update as normal.


    • A popup will appear if you do not have the latest AFC firmware on your machine, select 'Get Update' to download the update.  
    • Ensure the AFC is selected in the dropdown box labelled “Port”. For AFC Firmware versions prior to 2.2.8, the version number will not appear in the dropdown box.
      Ensure that the AFC is powered on at this stage
    • Click on “Update AFC to X.X.X“ to update the AFC. This process may take up to half an hour.

    DO NOT connect or disconnect any USB devices during the update process as this can interrupt the installation. 

    Once the update is complete, ensure that the home screen of the AFC displays the new version X.X.X.

    Test that the AFC operates correctly by going through a run on a column with filtered PBS. Once you have confirmed that the AFC is flushing, you can cut short the “flushing” step if you wish.