What is the Green Zone?

We have developed the Green Zone tool to assist users to achieve optimised measurement settings for the quoted Resolution Range on the qNano. Calibration particles must lie within the Green Zone to ensure that the smallest particle can be detected. This can be achieved by changing the applied nanopore stretch.


The calculated/location of the Green Zone depends on:

  • The smallest particle diameter (set in the Resolution Range), AND
  • The mean size of the calibration particle used. The software will show the recommended size of calibration particles to use.

    The Relative Particle Size (%) is an indication of particle size relative to the nanopore for individual particles. Change the applied stretch to optimise the relative particle size. At a constant stretch, the larger particle size would produce larger blockades; therefore, larger blockade magnitudes.

    During calibration recording, any particles that are significantly outside of the Green Zone are assumed to be noise or contamination and are automatically removed from the calibration calculations.

    Green Zone for the Relative Particle Speed plot (1/ms) is an indication of particle velocity through the nanopore (calculated from the blockade duration of individual particles). Change the applied pressure to optimise the relative particle speed.