What additional pieces of lab equipment and/or consumables are required?

In addition to your qNano system and consumables, you will need the following essential items for the preparation of contaminant-free, accurately diluted samples and they will also aid in the ease of use and cleaning of the instrument and nanopores.

  • Micropipettes 1 μL to 1 mL (do not use filtered or autoclaved tips).
  • A vortex mixer.
  • Clean sample preparation tubes (high quality). Izon recommends tubes from Axygen. 
  • Filtered deionised water (for cleaning).
  • Compressed gas such as nitrogen (for drying) - clean compressed air spray is acceptable and lint-free tissues (e.g. Kimwipes).
  • Standing racks for tubes and pipettes (optional).
  • Powder-free gloves.

Izon Science recommends that electrolytes are filtered using a 0.22 μm filter prior to use. Izon routinely use Millipore's Millex-GS Syringe Filters, catalogue number SLGS033SB.