I need to change my measurement settings after the measurement has started. How can I do this?

Optimal operating parameters can be set prior to a measurement, for a calibration these should be set during the pre-calibration screen shown below: 


If you have not performed a calibration and instead started with a sample measurement, the settings used for the measurement will be determined by those set during the good to go screen shown below:

Ready for sample

Once a measurement has begun, the parameters may be changed when the measurement is Paused to aid in any troubleshooting that may be required, when the measurement is Resumed or Restarted however, the voltage/pressure/stretch parameters will return to those originally set by the user. 

To change the settings, the user should cancel the measurement using the Cancel button at the bottom left of the Instruction Window, shown below: 

Calibration measurement

After confirming cancellation of the current measurement, the user will be taken back to the step  asking if a calibration or sample measurement should be completed. The user can then work through the steps on the ECS and reset their measurement parameters to some better suited to their calibration or sample. If you have already run a calibration, the ECS will ask you to confirm that you wish to overwrite the previously saved conditions with your new ones, shown below:

Conditions changed