I have followed the system setup steps but the baseline current is still ~0 nA. Why is there no current flow?

Firstly, ensure the instrument has been set up correctly. Check that:

  • Power is supplied to the instrument - the power indicator light on the back is glowing green.
  • The instrument is correctly connected to the computer using the USB cable provided - the "Instrument Status" should be shown as connected.
  • A voltage has been applied to the fluid cell - enter a non-zero voltage value by moving the voltage slider in the software and press TURN ON.
  • A stretch has been applied to the nanopore - we recommend starting with 47 mm measured across the outside of the holding arms. 


If the baseline current remains at ~0 nA following system set up investigate the possible causes below:

New wetting tabl current change

Providing there are no air bubbles in the fluid cells it should not take more than a few minutes to establish a baseline current.


If you require further assistance, please contact Izon Support.