I accidentally closed down the software. How do I resume my measurements?

f your measurements are interrupted mid-sequence, you may be able to resume your measurements if resuming is done within the 10 minutes window. To resume measurement: 

  1. Return to the Home Menu. 
  2. Select the appropriate Assistant.   
  3. Click next on the introduction screen until the Measurements Settings window appears. Select "Load Measurement Plan".  

  4. Loading the saved measurement plan will bring up the option to cancel, resume, or create a new measurement plan. Select Resume Measurement Plan. 
  5. The software will prompt the user to check that the settings are identical. Specifically:
  • Check the nanopore listed matches the one loaded on the instrument. 
  • Check that the investigation matches the one listed.
  • Check that the stretch has not been changed

Click OK, and the measurement schedule will start from the point where it was interrupted. 

This function CANNOT be used to pause a measurement for a long time, e.g. to go to lunch and start again. The pore state is likely to change over time and the sequence will become invalid - it is better to start again.

Resuming a measurement plan that has been closed for more than 10 minutes will give an error message and will need to be recorded from the beginning.