How do I view and export the measurement Summary Statistics page?

The PARTICLE ANALYSIS SUMMARY window is located below the DATA FILES window. Click on the PARTICLE ANALYSIS SUMMARY tab.

Data is displayed in three categories:

  • Full Analysis Run
    This data relates to the entire measurement. These values will not be altered if filters are applied to the data.
  • Blockade Data
    This is the analysed data.
    • If filters are applied to the data, these values will be updated to reflect the applied filters.
    • If data is calibrated, size data will be shown in absolute units (nm, μm or fL); if uncalibrated, it will be shown in nA.
    • A concentration will only be displayed if an appropriate pressure is used in the measurement
  • Applied Calibration Data
    If a file is calibrated, the calibration file(s) used will be listed here.

The details displayed in the Particle Analysis Summary can be exported. Right-click anywhere within the Particle Analysis Summary window and select to export it as a text file or copy to clipboard.