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How do I prepare qEV fractions for TRPS analysis?

Below are some recommendation for TRPS analysis of the qEV fractions: 

  • Izon Science recommend the use of the Izon Reagent Kit, which is used to precoat nanopores and used throughout the measurement process. 
  • Dilute the eluted fractions by 1:5 or 1:10 in Measurement Electrolyte. It is essential to filter all reagents used in preparing and running samples on TRPS to avoid contamination/particulates that can occur over time and interfere with TRPS analysis.
  • Optimise the dilution to achieve a rate at the highest operating pressure of approximately 500 to 1500 particles/minute to avoid pore blockage. If the vesicle concentration is too low for TRPS analysis, you may need to concentrate the sample.