How do I open recorded files?

To open additional data files

  1. Click the OPEN DATA FILES button (located in the main ribbon). 
  2. Locate required file and double-click on the filename or click OPEN. 
  • Unprocessed files will be added to the UNPROCESSED FILES folder; 
  • Processed files will be added to the DEFAULT folder and sorted into the SAMPLE and CALIBRATION Files folders; 
  • Group files will be loaded under their Group name.

To open more than one file within an Investigation folder

  1. Click on the OPEN DATA FILES button. 
  2. Select an investigation folder. 
  3. Click on the drop down next to the OPEN button and select OPEN ALL. All files in the investigation folder will then be opened. 

Only the first 50 files will be opened.


To open files recorded on an earlier version of Izon's Control Suite Software (non .idfs files)

  1. Click the OPEN DATA FILES button
  2. Change the file type from DATA ARCHIVE to ALL IZON DATA FILES
  3. Navigate to the appropriate files and click OPEN.