How do I install a Pressure Reading Module on the qNano?

The Pressure Reading Module measures the applied system pressure in real-time. The measurement is integrated into Izon's Control Suite Software to ensure that the correct pressure has been applied and that no measurement issues arise. This avoids the need for manual pressure reading and entry of the pressure values, reducing operator time and removing any operator data entry errors.


Your Pressure Reading Module kit will contain:

  • Preassembled pressure reading module
  • Cable cover
  • Tubing with two stainless ferrules
  • 3 M3 x 12 stainless button socket screws
  • 1 M3 x 20 stainless button socket screw


Tools required:

  • 2 mm Allen key (supplied)


  1. For ease of assembly, lie the qNano on it's side. Using a 2 mm Allen key, start by removing four button socket screws from the backing plate as shown below (a). Leave the backing plate in place (b).
  2. Loosely align the preassembled pressure reading module (c), over the backing plate. Insert the sensor cable (grey), the power cable and the mini USB cable into the corresponding sockets (d). Align the four screw holes and to help with the alignment, partially screw in the M3 x 20 mm screw into the bottom right hole. Then fit the three M3 x 12 mm screws (e).
  3. When the cables are fitting and the unit is sitting in place, tighten up the M3 x 12 mm screws (f)
  4. Remove the M3 x 20 mm from the bottom right and place the cable cover over the cables so that the screw hole aligns (g) and then screw in place (h).