How do I clean the Exoid?

The body of the Exoid is powder coated, so the use of solvent-based cleaners is NOT advised as these can damage the integrity of the coating. The exterior surfaces of the Exoid should be wiped down with warm soapy water or exposed to UV light to destroy biologicals.

The fluid cell should be disassembled first in order to be cleaned: 

  1. Remove the shielding cap and upper fluid cell.
    Fluid Cell cleaning fully assembledCleaning Exoid Step 2
  2. Remove the lower fluid cell by pulling it directly up.
    Cleaning Exoid Step 3
  3. Carefully clean the components with 70% ethanol.
    Cleaning Exoid Step 4Cleaning Exoid Step 5
  4. Dry THOUROUGHLY, with compressed air if available.
    Cleaning Exoid Step 6Cleaning Exoid Step 7
  5. Replace lower fluid cell into the pin holes.Cleaning Exoid Step 8

Air cans often contain particulates that will contaminate the fluid cell and appear as blockades during sample preparation. Izon recommends using purified gas cylinders.

Ensure the pin holes of the lower fluid cell fitting do not get any substance inside them, this will cause major functional issues.

DO NOT soak any part of the fluid cell.