How can I get the latest Control Suite Software release for the qNano?

Complimentary software upgrades are part of your qNano package. Download the latest software release here. If your download does not start using Google Chrome, please use an alternate browser to download this software.

The latest Izon Control Suite Software release (V3.4) is a maintenance software release that updates the Izon current software to:

  1. Keep compatibility with recent Windows 10 updates. 
  2. Integrate the charge calibration workflow into the standard calibration dialog i.e. charge data will be processed within the software and charge report included! 
  3. Provide report engine updates that fix reporting issues that have been experienced on some systems 

    We would advise anyone using Windows 10, or planning to use Windows 10, to update to the latest version of Izon Control Suite Software.  

    For CFR21 Part 11 users, DO NOT download the software. Contact Izon Support for more information on the latest version of CFR21 Part 11 compliant software.

    If the drivers for the qNano have not installed properly, the installer for them can be found in:

    (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Izon>Izon Control Suite>Drivers>IZON_WINUSB
    Simply right click and select install to manually install the drivers.