Glossary of data provided in reports

Relative Particle Size

All uncalibrated recordings are reported in nA. The values will update to nm (or fL) upon calibration. All calibration particles are reported in nA.

Mean  Average value of recorded particle size
Mode Particle size that occurs most frequently
Maximum Maximum particle size recorded
Minimum Minimum particle size recorded
d50 The median particle size i.e. the particle size where half of the population falls below this value
d10 The particle size where 10% of the population falls below this value
d90 The particle size where 90% of the population falls below this value
d90/d10 This signifies the width of the distribution which reflects the dispersity of the sample


The diagram below summarises the d values: 




All concentrations are reported in particles/mL. 

If a concentration fraction is set, the concentration is reported with a square bracket e.g.:


All measurements obtained using the qNano assistant have an associated concentration fraction, which is the specified size range over which the concentration was calculated. In the above example, the reported concentration is for samples between 70 and 280 nm. Setting a concentration fraction allows data to be compared reliably between each measurement. 


If a concentration fraction is not set, the concentration is reported for all data points collected: 

Measured Concentration Concentration of diluted sample. This is the concentration of sample aliquot loaded in the upper fluid cell.
Raw Concentration  Concentration of original sample. This is the concentration of the raw sample i.e. before dilution.

If the rate for multi-pressure calibration is incorrect, i.e. rate for the higher pressure is lower than the rate for lower pressure, concentration is reported as "Not Available".


Measurement Details

Software Version Software version that the report is viewed on
Capture Assistant  Specifies which qNano assistant was used e.g. custom or gold. If classic capture is used, this section will print "None"
Investigation File name used for measurements. All recordings in the measurement plan are automatically grouped under this file name
Sample ID Given sample name. Report shows the sample ID that is being highlighted
Electrolyte Electrolyte that was used to run the measurement as entered by the user
Dilution Dilution factor entered for the sample
Pressure Pressure value used in the measurement
Nanopore ID Nanopore's serial number used for the measurement
Nanopore type Nanopore size used for the measurement
Calibration ID(s) Calibration ID is used to calibrate the sample. If multi-pressure calibration was performed, all associated calibration IDs are displayed here
Notes Any notes entered during "Measurement Setting"