Does the pH value of electrolyte matter when completing measurements on Izon TRPS systems?

Yes. The qNano/Exoid system components and consumables which includes fluid cells, calibration particles, and nanopores are compatible with electrolytes within a pH range of 4-10. Ideally electrolytes with a pH of 7-7.4 (physiological conditions) are used. If the electrolyte that is used is of a different pH, please contact Izon to enquire about material compatibility testing. 

More importantly, Izon calibration particles are made of carboxylated polystyrene which have a pKa of approximately 5. These calibration particles are stable in electrolyte with pH of 7-7.4. If the electrolyte solution that is used has a pH of 5.5 (for example), this will cause aggregation of the calibration particles as they will carry minimal charge at pH 5.5.