Does my qEV column contain sodium azide or ProClin?

What preservative is my qEV column stored in – ProClin or sodium azide?

Izon Science is changing the storage buffer used in qEV columns. At the point of production, qEV columns were previously filled with PBS containing <0.1% sodium azide. Now, we are making a shift – qEV columns will be stored in PBS containing <0.1% ProClin 200.

As qEV columns are already in stock all over the world, you will see this as a gradual change. While there are no changes to the recommended flushing protocol, there may be country-dependent differences on the recommended disposal method.  

To determine whether your column is stored in sodium azide or ProClin 200, check the serial number on your qEV column box. If there is a ''P'' at the end of the first part of the serial number (see below), then your column contains PBS with <0.1% ProClin 200. If there is no ''P'' then your column is stored in the previously used storage buffer (<0.1% sodium azide in PBS).

Close up of serial number on a qEVoriginal 20 nm column

Figure 1: Serial number on a qEV column box. The "P'' indicates that the columns are stored in PBS containing <0.1% ProClin 200.

All qEV columns from the 20 nm series are stored in ProClin 200 (<0.1% ProClin 200 in PBS).