The buttons in the 'Analyse Sample' window in the Exoid software will not work. How do I fix this?

If the buttons on the Exoid Control Suite Homepage for the operating the instrument aren't responding, a simple method of re-establishing the connection between the Exoid and the computer is to disconnect and reconnect the USB and power cables from the ports on the back of the instrument, and restart the software. 


Complete these steps in this order: 

  1. Exit Exoid Control Suite software (ECS).
  2. Switch the instrument off at the back.
  3. Remove the USB and power lead from the back of the instrument. 

    Important: These ports can easily become warped and faulty if users pull the cord too roughly at odd angles, so care must be taken to remove the USB-C cables carefully.

  4. Insert USB-C cable into the back of the instrument.
  5. Insert power lead by inserting the power jack into the back of the instrument and switch power ON.
  6. Open ECS.